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Winch Ropes

Winch Ropes


Total Rope Solutions manufacture and supply a wide range of winch cables, made from steel wire rope or from Dyneema fibre rope. 

 Our wire rope winch cables are manufactured in either 7x19 or 6x36 steel core construction; the 6x36 providing a superior breaking load, greater flexibility and often a longer life span. 

 Our Dyneema (high break fibre rope) winch cables offer an incredibly robust, strong and lightweight alternative to wire rope, performing efficiently in many challenging environments. 

 We stock a comprehensive range of components and fittings allowing us to manufacture our winch cables with the required termination. The majority of our winches are supplied with high quality safety hooks, with the option of fuse and tapering or end stops to secure the free end, prevent fraying and provide easy installation. 

 We offer an in-house repair and/or replacement service to help fit winch cables directly for the customer on demand.  

 All Total Rope Solutions winch ropes are produced with individual identification numbers and are fully traceable under our ISO:9001 production system.

Stronger, Lighter and much Safer

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The benefits of replacing steel wire rope winches with Dyneema® are as follows:-


High strength:  Weight for weight, Dyneema is 15 times stronger than steel.

Light weight:  Dyneema's light weight properties significantly improves the ease of handling winch ropes.

Floats:  An obvious advantage when winching in water logged conditions or environments.

Unkinkable:  Unlike steel wire rope, Dyneema will not kink and loose strength.

No splinters:  When handling Dyneema, unlike steel wire rope which often results in wire splinters.

Overlapping:  Dyneema will not loose strength when overlapped on a winch drum or crushed.

No recoil: Virtually no recoil, unlike steel wire rope, where recoil is extremely dangerous.


Extensive trials have also found that Dyneema winch lines need to be replaced less frequently than steel wire

rope. The ease of handling, increased safety and improved longevity.


Winch cable being replaced on recovery truck

images of winch cable being replaced on recovery truck

Technical data for 6x36 and 7x19 wire rope for winch applications.

Data sheets for 6x36 and 7x19 wire rope

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