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GloActive for Leisure

GloActive for Leisure

Activities are supposed to be fun and enjoyable but this doesn't mean there are not any risks surrounding them?

The majority of these risks are from 3rd parties riding/driving motor vehicles, so you need to make sure you maximise you're visibility.

With GloActive safety products you proactively illuminate yourself with you own light Wire system increasing the chance of being seen by any pedestrian or motoring risk that could affect your safety.

In the section you will find a number of sporting & leisure categories from cycling, running, equestrian and more. GloActive products and accessories are versatile so can be used for most key leisure activities with a range of colours, sizes to suit comfort and requirements.

For example : Our lightweight sporting jacket is great for walking, running and especially cyclists, as the light wire is place at the top of the waist-line, so still provides the 360 degree visibility even when wearing a backpack/rucksack.



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