All ropes are manufactured to the relevant


Interesting Facts

All ropes are manufactured to the relevant standards and certificated

In House Testing

Image of test bed

Our In-house testing factilites are used for different types of work:

  • Proof load testing
  • Destructive testing


Having this factility allows us to be certain our products meet the SWL and WLL criteria.

The facility is also used to test & load client manufactured goods where they have to supply their own test certification.

This equipment allows access to a cost efficient serivce without investing in their own equipment which requires them to carry our loading tests for their product.

Our test factilites are serviced, maintained & calibrated by an independant service provider.

The test bed had a both digital and a pressure gauge to ensure accurate loading is being applied.

The equipment is also fitted with a Laptop to allow for digital output reporting, where loads are graphed visually to how the loads are being applied


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