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All lifting equipment MUST be inspected every 6mths

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As one of the UK's leading suppliers and specialists in lifting gear, wire rope and wire rope assemblies, Total Rope Solutions has had the same commitment to outstanding customer service at the best value since its beginning. Bringing together over 100 years experience in specialist lifting equipment, Total Rope Solutions aims to provide its customers and clients with a single source and solution to any project.

We've always supplied a huge array of wire rope solutions: wire rope slings, winch cables, hand splicing, mechanical splicing, socketing, flat woven and braided slings, flemish eye splicing, marine chandlery, elevator ropes, towing lines and crane ropes, amongst many others.

But beyond wire rope, we are also large suppliers and manufactures of many types of lifting equipment; such as fibre rope, webbing slings, chain slings, pulleys, trolleys, hoists, chain blocks, safety harnesses and shackles.

Our client list covers a huge number of industries, including the MOD, nuclear, construction, marine, elevator, theatre, event, height safety, access and transport.

Our assemblies are manufactured in-house in line with our ISO9001:2015 quality procedures and our products come with the required test certificates meeting the relevant BSEN standards. 


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Large Sling Workshop

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