All ropes are manufactured to the relevant


Webbing Products

Webbing Products


We stock a complete range of roundslings and webbing slings available in standard and bespoke lengths. From 1 tonne to 20 tonnes and larger tonnages available on request. All slings are manufactured to BSEN 1492:1 and 1492:2.

All our lifting slings are available in a variety of lengths and working load limits and are clearly marked. We offer a full range of wear sleeves. All slings are manufactured to BSEN 1492:1 and 1492:2. We supply test certificates with all our products and offer a full testing and inspection service where necessary.


Flat Webbing Sling


Flat polyester webbing slings are ideal for lifting, towing and pulling.  Unlike ropes or chains which can be inflexible and heavy. Webbing straps are a perfect solution for lifting, handling and recovery.  

All Total Ropes Solutions lifting sling are tested on a 7:1 breaking strain factor and are labeled for safety with date of manufacture, serial number, and safe working load limits and come with safety certificate inserted in the packaging.

Flat webbing slings have reinforced eyes and can be used for lifting, towing and pulling.


Round Webbing Sling


A round polyester webbing strap is a heavy duty webbing sling suitable for bearing high working loads, while being much lighter and much more flexible than the alternatives, ideal for portable applications.

Each of our round polyester slings are rated with a 7:1 breaking strain factor. All our round webbing slings are individually shrink wrapped and contain information such as manufacturing date, serial number, safe working load limits and safety certification.  

Round polyester webbing slings are ideal for lifting, pulling and towing applications.  All products are colour coded to European Standards making them easy and safe to quickly identify.

The measured length for round polyester webbing slings is the length stretched out (EWL), not the circumference, so for example a 1 metre sling would be 2 metre circumference.


Webbing Protective Sheath


We stock a large range of protective webbing sheaths for flat webbing slings and round webbing slings to increase the lifespan of the product. Webbing sheaths can be stitched around our round webbing slings on request.


Information regarding Contamination of Polyester Slings

Polyester slings should be used whenever a minimum of stretch is required. They are unaffected by common acids and hot bleaching solutions. Polyester slings must not be used with Sulphuric Acid or Alkalis. Not suitable for use at temperatures exceeding 200°C. Stretch at rated capacity is 3% approx.