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Glo-Active Illuminated Wire

Glo-Active Illuminated Wire

At Total Rope Solutions we like to be forward thinking and innovative.

If you viewed the rest of the website you will see we are more than competent in delivering quality Wire rope, fibre and lifting solutions.

Our Wire is supplied in galvanised, non-galvansied, greased, un-greased, black and stainless finishes.... but we like to think differently!

So we've developed an ILLUMINATED Wire product range to improve Hi-visibility safety wear named GloActive*

(trademarked & design protected brand/product of Total Rope Solutions Ltd)


“Why do you buy Hi-visibility products?", for safety reasons of course!

The purpose and design of a Hi-vis product is to increase your visibility to others, the problem with this you are relying on others seeing you "first" in dark or in poor visibility conditions.  The down side to a standard Hi vis product it requires an external light source to activate the reflective tape and only works in direct line-of-sight.

At Glo-Active we want to shift the balance of “visibility control” and reduce your risk to potential accidents.

On our website ( you will find illuminated Safety products such as Vests, Belts, Jackets, Bodybands, Backpacks, Horse & Pet solutions. As our products are based around visibility take a look at the video page to see some of the products in action.

Using our illuminated wire strand technology with EN 471 hi-vis reflective materials, our products create an advanced solution, maximising your chances of being seen in any dark or reduced light environment.

Working in static or flashing modes the illuminated wire technology is distinctive to catch the attention of others and can be seen at a distance of 500 to 800 metres away*.

We have designed not only to achieve maximum visibility but a cost efficient "cross-lifestyle" product, helping you to stay safe at work and  use for leisure activities.

We have colours to suit many job roles & industries, also a range of flame retardant products for key environments. So whether you drive a truck or van, roads maintenance, on railways or building sites you will be visibly safer wearing one of our products.

Our leisure range is versatile for children walking to school, ramblers, runners, cyclist, horse & rider just to name a few. 

There are some astounding accidents statistics to people in the workplace, travel & leisure activities where we want to help reduce these by increasing a users visibility.

Note: Risk & danger is faceless.... but with a GloActive product “Safety's In Sight....!”